The Freedom of the Flapper.

As we enter India’s 65th year of Independence ;coincidentally this week will also see the birth anniversary of Madame Coco Chanel, who needs no introduction in the World of Fashion.The term ‘Freedom’ for a country and Madame Chanel meant almost the same thing. It meant freedom from constraints,not just from society but also how fashion was looked upon.Madame Chanel was a force of change which liberated the Victorian woman and setting her free from the bondage of rib-crushing corsets and bustles into the redefined modern woman known as the “Flapper”.

I've been obsessing over the flappers for a while now and have always identified with their outlandish and rebellious attitude and fashion.
[Madame Chanel would’ve been proud ;)]
In fact we all can relate to some bits and pieces of this style. The horn rimmed glasses - that is so 20s! The ox-blood lipstick that completes the evening look for so many us and how can we ever sacrifice the bold eye make-up?

Although I could wear a “Robe de Style” dress and a pair of “Mary-Jane’s” this instant, it would take some credible dexterity to get me to don an Eton crop or a Shingle bob!
Like all fashions find their way back in time; I do sincerely anticipate the re-entry of the “Cloche hat”; now wouldn’t that be a statement!

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Now, back to some Jazz and Betty Boop comic strips!

Jai Hind!

- Shruti D


  1. What a great post! I always thought about flappers as well.
    And I love cloche hats!

  2. :) realy nice post...i like these pics...

  3. Great pics! I love flapper style, so much inspiration. I especially love the first picture.



  4. great post love the photos i'm a huge fan of the flapper look!

  5. I appreciate it in editorials but not something I would try! :)

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  6. I absolutely love Flapper style, it's so feminine and beautiful!