"Teddy" said the boy.

The short and tight clothes, the chewing gum and the perpetual row with elders, sound familiar? Yes, I’m talking of teen rebellion to which most of us can relate. What I’m hinting at here is Elvis and Rock ‘n’ roll. I can’t help but talk about Elvis and Rock ‘n’ roll in everything I do! Though we didn’t prance around in drape jackets or brothel creepers but we do most often don oxfords and drainpipe trousers.  

                                                                                                                                                                            Elvis Presley perhaps is a sex-symbol for many but for the rest he was the most legendary and idolized Teddy boy of his day among Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.  Picture a typical dark haired, handsome young bloke in a Boston or quiff style in elegant tailor-made clothes. Now wouldn’t that be a sight! Probably that’s why I’m so obsessed with Johnny Iuzzini, not only because he makes phenomenal desserts but because he looks so much like Elvis.

Though these chaps eventually morphed into what we call Rockers or Mods they brought about a movement which was rare. They dared to be different, whether it was their parents or society. They ushered new and diverse fashions and the rock ‘n’ roll culture. They weren’t faint-hearted to ‘Strut their stuff’ solo on the dance floor and they gave us the freedom to revel in this music.

This is what inspired Pooja Bahaar Shah, an Indian stylist to conceptualize and execute this shoot. This is her approach to express and reminisce the 1950’s and eminently the “Teds”.

- Shruti Dharwadkar.


  1. Such great photos!


  2. I love, love, love this shooting! Great inspiring pictures!

  3. Great pics! xoxo

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  5. The Teds indeed! A great write up and this is photo shoot is a great ode to this style! :)


  6. This is such a beautiful shoot, I love it when people take inspiration from movements or concepts from the past, such as the Teddy Boys. Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena