"Teddy" said the boy.

The short and tight clothes, the chewing gum and the perpetual row with elders, sound familiar? Yes, I’m talking of teen rebellion to which most of us can relate. What I’m hinting at here is Elvis and Rock ‘n’ roll. I can’t help but talk about Elvis and Rock ‘n’ roll in everything I do! Though we didn’t prance around in drape jackets or brothel creepers but we do most often don oxfords and drainpipe trousers.  

Desperate Housewife?

While jeans and trousers are the most comfortable women’s wear today, breaking disparity of genders can also create a sense of monotony, tedium and essentially highlights the humdrum existence of the 21st century. There is a sense of loss of femininity whilst wearing these androgynous garments.  There are several women across the globe who yearn for womanliness in their dressing. Some have actually gone ahead and not only started wearing the vintage look but also creating the same atmosphere around them.

Love Story

Picture c/o- Weheartit
Like love, fashion knows no language. Handful are the sartorial numbers that possess the uncanny ability of telling a story, for there are only a few that have travelled through the pages of history and absorbed, morphed and reinvented themselves without losing the crux of their composition.

My adulation for the “Little Black Dress” transcends its badass sex appeal, for it transports me to the era of an orphan girl who reinvented fashion, presenting to the world something so simple and effortless. It was the era when women broke free from asphyxiated corsets, larger than life gowns and the clutches of third party aid while dressing. Enter Coco Chanel, the game changer of the 20th century, a woman who’s futuristic vision carved the path de la mode.