Love Story

Picture c/o- Weheartit
Like love, fashion knows no language. Handful are the sartorial numbers that possess the uncanny ability of telling a story, for there are only a few that have travelled through the pages of history and absorbed, morphed and reinvented themselves without losing the crux of their composition.

My adulation for the “Little Black Dress” transcends its badass sex appeal, for it transports me to the era of an orphan girl who reinvented fashion, presenting to the world something so simple and effortless. It was the era when women broke free from asphyxiated corsets, larger than life gowns and the clutches of third party aid while dressing. Enter Coco Chanel, the game changer of the 20th century, a woman who’s futuristic vision carved the path de la mode.

Reputing as the epitome of sophistication stands the LBD, reinforcing that beauty lies in simplicity, well tailored garments and a vision. Black, that was once the color of mourning today has become the allegory of mystery. “Power clothing” as it is more commonly known, it is endowed with the skill to add oodles of desirability to the new age woman.

Having morphed into a true chameleon, the little black dress can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, possessing the innate ability to transform your entire avatar.

- Aditi Mohoni


  1. couldn't agree more..!! fabulously written :)

  2. This was such an amazing interpretation and description of the LBD! It's historical, sophisticated, and transcends so many limits and boundaries that fashion is often subjected too. Such a great article.

  3. great post love a lbd!

  4. Loving the writing Aditi! :) Well written!

  5. one of the seven wonders of clothing is right!