For the stars are shining too bright!

You know a good movie, when instantly you connect, and somewhere you envision it being your life’s story. I find simplicity rather inspiring; the humility put forth via celluloid can be soul capturing. On some level its like reading a good book, gets you so hooked, that you cant put it down and in all honesty you don’t mind paying visit to the characters a second time. Movies, among other things, really inspire me, and for that moment, in spite of all of life’s imperfections, I smile, awakened by the universe’s scintillating miracles.

Photography too is mesmerizing; a picture can transcend even a billion words.There’s something so profound about a still, empowered with the ability to reproduce emotions of yesteryears. I’m a big fan of capturing moments, and below is a compilation of some of the most simple yet breath taking photographs Iv encountered of late.

All pictures from We Hear tIt

Have a wonderful day

- Aditi M.


  1. So true! That's why we all collection pictures 'coz they have that unsaid message which is lost in words! :)

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  2. Gorgeous!! Love the one with the glass and the cityscape :)

    Sadie x

  3. Cool Post! & Thank you for the comment on my blog! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  4. Love the pics! xoxo

  5. This post is very inspirational.