A Sartorial Glimpse.

Often, a sartorial affair begins with the approach of a plethora of runway shows. Indian monsoons mark the advent of Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011.

What initially began as a loyal sponsor of FDCI Fashion Week, over the years has diverged into a fashion week of its own. Subsequently, Lakme and IMG joint forces and conjured the reputed "Lakme Fashion Week". In a matter of a few weeks, we plan to park ourselves there and can't seem to wait for the frenzy to set in. 

A few names who are to unveil the 'Magic of Design' are :

Gennext Category (We absolutely love new talent!)

  • Farah Sanjana
  • Mohammad Javed Khan
  • Nikhil Thampi
  • Shashank Raj & Prajwal Badwe
  • Siddharth Arya
  • Theresa James & Roger Prince
  • Thinles Chosdup & Niranjana Adhya
  • Urmi Ghosh

Emerging Designers (We adore them and can't wait to see more from them!)

  • Anna-Liza Ganguly & Anita Walia - DeuxA (Check out their interview here)
  • Archana & Pamela - Pamandarchlondon
  • Juilee Bendkhale
  • Pallavi Goenka
  • Raman Vij
  • Ruchika Sachdeva
  • Shivaji Dutta - Blank Spot (Check out his interview here)
  • Sougat Paul
  • Vaishali Shadangule

Anna Liza Ganguly & Anita Walia (DeuxA) creation at LFW Summer/Resort 2001

Shivaji Dutta (Blank Spot) creation at LFW Summer/Resort 2011

Vaishali S creation at LFW Summer/Resort 2011

Archana & Pamela (Pamandarchlondon) creation at LFW Summer/Resort 2011
(All pictures taken from Lakmefashionweek facebook page)

We wish each and everyone of them success for this season and many more to come!

Aditi M & Shruti D

“Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.” 

Coco Chanel


  1. I love the hair accessory with the Archana & Pamela creation!

  2. really great pieces love the colors!


  3. The pieces are too pretty to use.

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    Carmen Vogue

  5. I love your images! Amazing blog. I follow you, you can follow my blog?

  6. These are such lovely designs, how cool it must be to be a budding designer who gets such opportunities. xoxo, Veena <3


  7. I like them.all but the archana & pamela dressis very original!