Samo is still here.

It was love at first sight. DeuxA’s ethereal designs, powerful shoulders and statement necklaces are reigning as our fashion favorites this season. Their collection, a portal from Paris to Bombay, is edgy and chic! Anna-Liza and Anita, two fashionable besties and the women behind DeuxA clothing showcased their debut collection “Samo was here” at Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2011 in the Gennext category. 

(Left-right : Anita Walia & Anna-Liza Ganguly)

Your connection with each other.
Anita and I have known other since we were three years old. We have spent a huge time of our childhood together, living in our own world and creating our own little projects such as putting our own “MTV” scenario. So we are now continuing to do exactly that, creating a world of fashion and lifestyle that is accessible to those who appreciate it, using our strengths. Anita takes on the responsibility of the business and I take care of the designing.

We’ve seen and absolutely love your clothes; they have really funky and edgy style, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Anna-Liza:My inspirations come from all sort of areas, movies in particular-this collection is partly inspired by Joan Crawford.  Anything could contribute in my creative process. I like the idea of bringing contrasts or the unexpected together.
Anita: and it all works out in harmony in the end.

Anna-Liza, We hear you are the talent behind the T-shirt print, how did you come up with it?
Anna-Liza: This particular collection is inspired by one of my all time favorite artists- Jean Michel Basquiat, who started off as a graffiti artist in the 70’s went on to produce neo-expressionist painting. His works which were found on street art of New York in the 80’s is the base idea for the prints used in this collection called “Samo was here”. Samo being Basquiat’s pseudonym used to sign his street art.

Describe your designing style in three words.
Anna-Liza: Casually. Dressed. Up.
Anita: This is what DeuxA stands for and we hope promote this throughout our collections.

DeuxA the accessories or DeuxA the clothes?
Anna-Liza and Anita: BOTH – they compliment each other.

How long do you think India will take to reach the level of Parisian Fashion?
Anna-Liza: India’s asset is that it has such strong visual strength, history in garments and workmanship. India does not need to reach the level of Parisian fashion but far more interestingly enough explore its strength and melt those together with the strengths of western fashion, so as to create its own definition.
Anita: The one factor that the Indian and Parisian fashions share is that they both embrace femininity when it comes to women’s wear and are more adventurous with structures for men.

Your favorite Indian designer?

Do you intend on opening a store here in India?
Anna-Liza: You never know what the future brings!
Anita: There has been a great interest in DeuxA and we see a definite potential.
We want to make sure that our fellow fashionistas can have fun with DeuxA too!

The ‘DeuxA’ woman?
Rihanna, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

What according to you is the best fashion accessory?
Anna-Liza & Anita : A ‘DeuxA’ necklace.

Wardrobe must have for this season?
Anna-Liza: The perfect jean shorts.
Anita: A ‘DeuxA’ graphics tank top.

Your trend forecast for the next season?
Anna-Liza: The best trend that works each season- self confidence paired with a happy attitude for life!
Anita: Wear clothes that fit, flatter and the ones you can have fun in!

One thing you cannot leave the house without?
Anna-Liza: My keys, otherwise I would not be able to get back inside!
Anita: MY Phone. Without which I am a little lost and cannot work and I love staying connected!

(Pictures provided by Anna-Liza and Anita)

We wish them luck for their future endeavors.

- Aditi M. & Shruti Dharwadkar.

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