The Architects of Design.

We enjoyed seeing their designs on the runway; we got a glimpse of their talent at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011 where Amalraj Sengupta and Shivaji Dutta showcased their designs in the ‘Established’ and ‘Genext’ category respectively. Celebrating the good times and working through the tough ones, these two friends, have come a long way both in terms of fashion and friendship.  They have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion industry. We’ve enjoyed learning more about them through this tête - à – tête.

Amalraj Sengupta

Amalraj's design for LFW S/R 2011

Shivaji Dutta

Shivaji's design for LFW S/R 2011
(above pictures provided by Amalraj Sengupta and Shivaji Dutta)
Amalraj Sengupta: Shivaji, what inspired you to enter the world of fashion?
Shivaji Dutta: Initially, I was never inclined towards fashion. I wanted to pursue Law but at the same time I was open to other career options and to my surprise I got through NIFT, Kolkata. It was a completely impulsive decision to study design which I don’t regret till date. Going to NIFT changed my thought process forever. The experiences I have had have shaped me into the person I am today.

S.D: Amalraj, what is your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?
A.S: Whenever I start conceptualizing a design I transcend all boundaries, and on nearing completion I give it a commercial touch. Design development and pattern making is my favorite part of the process. But what is most interesting is that I do it myself. I love experimenting with patterns and draping as it gives a more realistic touch to my designs and in turn strengthens my concept.

S.D: Your favorite colors to work with and why? 
A.S: Black, white, grey and yellow are my favorite colors. My patterns are complicated therefore I like using solid colors.

A.S: What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to step into a career in fashion?
S.D: Do what your heart tells you to and never lose hope. Don’t duplicate; instead, be innovative and lead the way.

A.S: Your personal style?
S.D: I call it the ‘rural’ style, it casual from head to toe…Hahaha!

With the ongoing cricket mania, the historic world cup and the IPL, When Geek Met Chic decided to ask the designers about their favorite game.

WGMC: Cricket through the eyes of a fashion designer?
S.D: Well, I played a lot of cricket in my younger days. Both Amalraj and I have played for college. What a time it was! Today, the technology used in garments is phenomenal. Well one thing is applied in both cricket and fashion is that ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

A.S: If I wouldn’t be a fashion designer I would be a cricketer. The jerseys today have become more fashionable and lot of technology has gone into developing the fabric and making them. However, I still love the all-white jersey and track pants. In my opinion, it’s a classic look.

We wish Amalraj Sengupta and Shivaji Dutta the very best and look forward to exciting designs from each of them in the near future.

- Aditi Mohoni & Shruti Dharwadkar


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