Summer Paraphernalia

Summer lovin' had me a blast,
Summer lovin' happened so fast!
I met a ‘Geek’ crazy for me,
Met ‘Chic’ cute as can be,
Summer days driftin' away, to oh those summer products!

1) M.A.C Wonder woman lip gloss:
Just the name, made us want to have it! Doesn't it take you back to the OC, where our beloved "Summer Roberts" impersonates Wonder Woman for dumb ass Cohen. We're not big fans of anything too sticky and this fresh, light, gloss fits perfectly in our list this summer.  

2) Tea tree face pack by The Body Shop:
Who needs a facial when you have "magic"!. Yes, magic is what this face mask is! Its our all time favorite. This greenish clay gives you that instant zing and sends you off on the path to rejuvenation.

3) O.P.I.white nail lacquer:
You white washed your walls this summer, we did the same but to our NAILS!!! Result- absolutely fabulous! 

4) Lush 'Seanik' shampoo bar:
This beauty bar 
 with goodness of seaweed along with scents of jasmine and lemon transports you to a tropical flora. Like, seriously! 

5)Mac nail polish:
We loved pistachio gelato so much that we wanted it all the time, we came across the most non-fattening one!

6)Lush bubblegum lip scrub:
 Scrub your lips to a perfect pout, leave it nude or finish off with a great lip-gloss. This bubblegum flavored sugar lip scrub is simply the best! Did i mention yummy? :P

7)M.A.C Vegas Volt: 
Trust M.A.C.Vegas Volt to add oomph in seconds! (Totally works!)

8) Aqua Liner by make Up Forever:
We discovered the secret behind keeping our eyes looking stunning all night long! What makes this liner a true winner is that its water proof!! Yeah buddy!!!

9) Biotique apricot gel:
This soap free body gel gets you squeaky clean real quick and smells just as great. (Totally affordable)

10)Catwalk by Tigi:
Sleek Mystique look lock hair spray for that perfect sleek high pony tail that looks great even in this crazy summer heat.

- Aditi M & Shruti Dharwadkar


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  2. The shampoo bar sounds so cool! THanks for following, I'm following back!
    xx. VLM.

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    I LOVE anything MAC and OPI so your Summer-loving list was a great read for me even though I'm in autumn down here in NZ ;)

    Sadie xx

  4. love your writing, is funny and entertaining ^_^ I'm your new follower!

  5. The aqua liner sounds awesome!


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  7. very interesting list :DD
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  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments on our blog.
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  9. Very helpful list, especially since i'm refueling a few items. I adore the collage very cute :)

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  11. This summer collection is fab!!
    I absolutely love 'Lush' products ..I tried their grapefruit shampoo..the result: glorious hair!!
    Like ur style of writing:)

    Thnx for visiting my blog girls...